Life 1.3 – why 1.3???

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I’m not a geek… well, maybe a bit… life 1.3 describes how I see myself right now and this blog marks the start of 2.0 using technology so it seemed apt to use a geekish number system.

1.0: 0-13(ish) “Childhood”
Prior to learning pretty much anything other than the village I grew up in!

1.1: “School” up to 18 years old
the real world for the first time, big (it seemed it, now it seems small) city… some independence, GIRLS… parties…

1.2: “University + employment”
ah… the memories, the good times, the hard times… kind of had an idea where I was headed, some plans and dreams, worked a silly amount of hours (Uni+clubland then work+clubland!)

1.3: “self employment”
well it wasn’t working out having a regular 9-5 job and doing all the DJing, partying, promoting and stuff… wanted to be my own boss, so I quit and became a full time DJ… although I wanted more… so I did an ODLQC recognized Diploma in Success + Life Coaching to test out the old grey matter… started to make some plans, sort my life out a bit, but found myself drifting again and a bit lost… all the reading I did didn’t seem to motivate me anymore.

2.0: “now”
Time to slap myself with a big kipper n get on with it, start a blog so I can try n get some of the clutter out of my head, write down what I want to do and do it!

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