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The clubnight that is now a religion… and the planned protest against it… no really.

floordance – my next tune, with PointA and ft James O on vocals!

aLUKEonLIFE YouTube channel

Why Cats are Superior to Space Aliens!

Cuil – the google beater, that doesn’t beat google – try searching for “Cuil” on Cuil… and… tumbleweed… 🙂 – seriously though one to keep an eye on.

UPDATE – seems they read my post on LinkedIn – searches for “Buy PS3”, “Cuil” now return good results… ok… now its more interesting – go check it out anyway – if I was them, i’d of kept it in Beta for a bit longer!

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3 random things i learnt today

3 random things i learnt today

1. My mother and her friend mary are prize winning scarecrow artists! Seriously, they won the village competition and they’ll be in the parish newsletter! I’m genuinely very proud, my mum has a really creative side and its nice to see it get some recognition.

2. Girls are better than boys. In stamina terms anyway. Its 10pm, lucys passed out and carlas asleep on the sofa! Not sure why carlas asleep but lucys came to bike club.

3. There’s such a thing as a “black carrot”

black carrot

I discovered it as a colouring in Lucozade!

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mysteries of the universe #46

why is if i put biscuits in a sealed box with sandwiches, when i open them later the bread has gone dry and the biscuits moist and soggy??

Its a mystery!

You’d think the bread would soak moisture from the air easier than the denser biscuit (a yummy combo of custard creams and bourbons i should add).


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The Chaser on Scientology

While I was in Oz, I grew to love a show called the chaser – a group of comedians who do kinda crazy stunts to make points… probably best known for when they drove a guy dressed as Osama Bin laden into a secure zone at the APEC conference.

Anyway… enjoy their take on scientology…

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