Bike Club 2008

Bike Club 2008

I’d like to propose the first outing of 2008 for Bike Club!!!

Monday 645pm Bournemouth Pier (usually to the left as you look at it).

Fixed the bike up yesterday (back wheel needed some love, some rim tape and a new inner tube) and took it out for a short trundle to test the knee today.

me n my shadow

bomo beach in April

Didn’t seem too bad, knees felt a bit shaky for a while when I got back, didn’t really put any effort in either.

Lovely day down here, a bit windy n cold but the beach looked lovely. Went to the Durley and back, lower gears than I’d normally use to make it less effort/stress onto the joint.

Verdict:~ Gentle rides to build up the strength, I reckon will be fine.

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swimming on the new knee

It felt different swimming last night, post-fluid draining episode, kind of more flexible but not as strong.

I’m noticing that now I’m more flexible I’m using muscle groups that are weak.

i can kneel down again!!! Just about….

Squatting, nope, but I think that’ll come with time.


for the first time, I felt bendy enough to get out of the pool without using the steps…. dum dum duuuuh!

Only managed 48 lengths as my ankles were really hurting, when one joint feels better it seems my body finds new and wonderful places to hurt.

Despite only doing 48, I did swim a set of 16 so that’s progress of sorts.

In other news…

Thanks to Stu – I now have a shiny new pair of 750GB drives in my RAID array, much needed as my PC was grinding to a halt at times.

I’m starting to formulate an updated plan nout of this mess, coming to terms with the job market being dead to non-existent…. onwards, ever onwards.

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Ouch – uuuuh – eeeeeee

Ouch – uuuuh – eeeeeee

Been to the specialist… it wasn’t fun.

She took a look, ultra-sounded my joints (bit cold)… then the bad news…

I want to drain the fluid from your knee and inject steroids direct into the joint. 🙁


Having drained 45ml of fluid out of my knee… using a giant syringe… she then stuck a steroid needle in too.

Ouch – uuuuuh – eeeeeee 🙁

As if I wasn’t having enough fun, she sent me for a bloodtest too…. yay, I love needles! (ahem – NOT)

Good news is the knee should be noticably better after 48hrs, I’ve got to rest it loads… so no hill walking when I go back to Hereford – ah well, have to settle for the cider museum and some RnR with Mum n Lucy at my beck n call 🙂

Sofa’s calling. Have a good weekend y’all.

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health update

Wow, 3 blogs in 1 day… not a record but been a lot going on recently.

Health-wise I’m loads better, my knee still seizes up if I put a lot of weight on it, do loads of stairs or twist a lot. The index toes are still mostly solid.

Back to the specialist on Thursday, then hopefully BIKE CLUB will return next monday… weather and doc ok permitting.

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