thanks mum

thanks mum

Today an unexpected little parcel arrived in the post, containing a re-usable bag with short handles! ooooohhh.

Thanks mum.

Oh yeah and apparently it’s snowing so the country has to stop… or something.

I’m taking a wander down to the beach, will update with wintry pics later.

UPDATE: Bits of snow down here, not much… not sure it’s quite this warm though! 🙂

snow where

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doh doh doh

Repeat after me…

“I must always carry re-usable bags”

As soon as I leave my normal environment, I seem to forget the plan.

This is the hard bit of a year without plastic bags, being away from the flat and not having any alternative.

So as I wondered around a small Tesco in Nottingham this weekend, I realised… I had no choice than to use a bag, or buy another re-usable one.

Must stash one in my car and repeat the above mantra.

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a part failure?

Hmmm so I’ve been ill, my flat mate went to the shop to pick up a few things and kindly got me some biscuits… in a bag.

Does that mean I part used a bag? Should I chuck 50p in?

I’m not saying I’m responsible for the usage of my flatmate… but the biscuits were for me.

(and very nice they were too)


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an expensive weekend

I went up to London to see a friend and do some studio work… a late night shop stop later and we’d used 2 bags in one hit… damn. (+£2 into the pot)

The next day, earlier on I did have a shoulder bag with me so that was ok… but then again later on our way back from central London to the studio, I weakened into getting a subway (it seemed the lesser of the evils) which was handed to me in a bag before I’d realised… double damn! (+£1 into the pot)

So all in all, I’ve learnt that:

1) I need to always have a bag on me, which is a bit of pain

2) Takeaways are a plastic bag fail trap!

Pot so far is £4… after 12 days… at this rate, I’ll of raised £122 for charity thanks to my own stupidity at using bags. Ooops.

My report card def. reads “Must try harder”.

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bags for boys

bags for boys

Anyone out there seen a good re-usable bag suitable for us fellas?


We don’t want long handles like this, blokes don’t shoulder their bags!

All the ones I’ve seen that do have shorter handles are more designer ones and very girlie.

Maybe I should make “bags for blokes” 🙂

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