Failure Swapshop at TEDxBristol

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Failure Swapshop at TEDxBristol


After  giving a short talk at TEDxBristol about the failure swapshop it was great to run one in the break, lessons learned:

Take a friend shopping
Relish the things you’re good at
Don’t be afraid to fail
Share your failure
If someone needs your help, give it to them
Listen to your inner voice
Ask for help
Remember – you’re just a guy
Doubt kills dreams
Follow your instincts
Always learn
Stand up on your own
Tests aren’t reality
Keep on shooting
Do things that scare you
Don’t worry what others think
Check it yourself
Don’t think too much
Turn your tank on
Just do it!
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel
If you fail, be creative
Learn to delegate
Ask for help
How success looks can change
Perseverence is good
Take ownership
Track everything – get a system
Don’t give yourself a hard time
Focus on the good stuff



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