Surfing as a therapy for Reiters?

Posted by on May 31, 2011 in reiters syndrome | 0 comments

I’ve had a couple of small relapses of Reiters recently (see Reiters Syndrome for the history) and found something odd…

Surfing seems to make it better.

No, really.

My reiters causes swelling of the left knee and right ankle (that’s the worst affected parts anyway), previously a moderate does of steroids for a week kicks it back into touch… but on Thursday surfing did the job.

Now I thought this had been the case before, but I dismissed it as a co-incidence.

Wednesday I had a bad flare up while I was away with work, so I had no access to the emergency steroids my doctor left with me. Upon my return to Bournemouth I spotted some good swell, despite the pain (visible swelling and heat) in my knee I really wanted to go out.

I surfed for an 90 minutes or so and I’m sure the combo of restriction from the wetsuit plus the cold sea water sorted my knee.  Wow!

Is that even possible? Next time I get a flare up, I’ll be heading into the sea!

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