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A simple “how-to” for you today, on a more personal Facebook kind of tip.

How to: block that annoying old friend who keeps inviting you to events.

We’ve all got one, a well intentioned… but borderline spammer, old friend. Perhaps it’s their new designer bling clothes peg business or they’re in a band, you’ve tried to say “please stop spamming me” but they don’t listen.

Removing them isn’t an option because you do still want to keep in touch with them.

  1. Log in to Facebook.
  2. On the “account” drop down (top right) choose “privacy settings”
  3. You’ll then see a grid of privacy settings, underneath this are 3 sections, underneath the “Block Lists” heading click on “edit your lists”
  4. This page has some really handy little bits on it for (un)blocking applications, people and the third section from the top: Block event invitations
  5. Type in here the names of any people you want to prevent sending you Facebook event invites.

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  1. Hey Luke, good post. I have a similar issue. How do you handle people on your friends list who use Facebook to shamelessly promote their clients? It really irritates me to suddenly see “xxx likes yyy” when yyy is some random small local business with whom they’ve got a commercial relationship. I can’t claim to be whiter than white with this by the way as I’ve done it in the past. I’m just wrestling with a couple of other clients who have asked me to do so this week and it’s made me think about how much I could be irritating my friends. Should I keep Facebook entirely separate from business? It’s been on my mind a fair bit this week- esp after trying not to spam my friends with our cat campaing (thanks again for your generous donation)

  2. I don’t think you can, or need to. Unless it was multiple times a day, I don’t think it’s too bad. You can only like a page once – or do you mean continually liking content from a client?

    With regards to inviting friends to client pages: I’m always very open with clients about this, I will like pages I’m involved with but only invite a selection of friends I genuinely think would be interested in the page, if I choose to.

    They are buying my time to help them set-up configure/manage the page and NOT my friends list – that isn’t for sale. Some marketing agencies have been know to promote the fact that they can invite their personal friends as an appetiser to get the page set-up work. I don’t think that’s ethical really.

  3. No one seems to realise that you can only block invites etc from “Friends” but you can’t block them from people you have never accepted as a friend but e.g. just clicked “like”.

  4. @Frank, as a page creating an event you can only invite your personal friends to that event.

    If you’re getting invites from a page, administered by a friend of yours, you will need to block them personally. This will prevent them from inviting you to events personally and as any pages of theirs you have “liked”.

    The only exception to this, is if the page also has your email address as they can invite an imported email list.

  5. thanks a lot for sharing this tip ,,,i am really sick of people inviting me to like their pages & attend to events that they are not even real ,,,,really annoying people spam ,,,people link their music in your status ,,groups full of spams ,,,really sucks

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