this whole burning the koran thing

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I’ve been called an evangelical atheist before, so bear that in mind…

This whole people burning the Koran (Qur’an whatever) thing is hilarious!Let’s take a quick score card:

they protest that someone is going to burn a book…

by burning an effigy of the guy.

Umm hey Muslim dudes, what did you do to the Satanic verses again?

Burnt it

What happened at that protest in indonesia, you know the one with the whole “christians can’t use the word allah as god” thing, with the crosses and bibles that… um

Oh yeah, you burnt that too

And ANY time bush sneezed in a way that vaguely sounded like he might bomb somewhere?

You burnt flags

So in summary, paraphrasing the almighty Monty Python, TOUGH TITTIES TO YOU.

It’s a book, get over it. Feel free to burn any books I love, it’s just paper, I’m pretty sure dawkins or any other great authors would just laugh if you burnt one of their books.


  1. Sorry, I don’t know you and therefore have no knowledge of your religious or world views, although judging by the ramblings on your blog I don’t really want to, but your use of the phrase “um, hey Muslim dudes” alongside your irritatingly mis-informed and immature rant shows a level of ignorance that makes me momentarily long for a time gone by when the opinions of Toms, Dicks and Harrys were confined to the privacy of the diaries of teenage girls and not across the publicly available internet.

    What you are ranting at here, I believe, is extremism. Extremism exists among all walks of life, social groups, religious followings and old lady sewing circles.
    By picking out “Muslims” and not extremists in your post you have further perpetuated the ‘them and us’ situation that ignites religious and racial hatred.


  2. Actually you’re very wrong. I class “them” as any idiotic religion that values a book, or word over human life.

    For the record, I’ve read most of the Koran in an effort to better understand general muslim teachings, as I have the bible and other religious texts… this was a rant and of course I’m talking about extremism. If you had actually read deeper, you’d see that I was being deliberately whimsical with my language. (Who actually says dudes!?)

    Recent posts have been vague and yes at times narcissistic… so what? It’s a blog, a personal blog. I’m not presenting it as some worldly authority on anything. It’s here for my own amusement and if you choose to read it, you accept it on those terms.

    I do take issue with you calling yourself “outraged of kent” though – at least have the courage to say who you are given that your IP address (of all 3 differently credited comments) is from Virgin media Bournemouth… therefore, I’m betting you do know me but “oh the internets is anonymous” therefore you feel you can say what you wish.

    Finally, if you feel you can deduce all about a man from selected ramblings on a blog, you sir are the chump and I wish you good luck with that. If you’d ever like to find the real me, I’ll gladly meet you for a coffee sometime.

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