Happy Year of the Tiger

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happy 4047 everybody!

It’s chinese year of the TIGER… grrrr. Came out of my house to see a dragon earlier – COOOL! Missed it the last few years, video below.

So for me, as usual, I set my resolutions at CNY – mainly because, the start of the years always a weird point to do things and there’s always lots going on.

Last years “no platic bags” was generally good, hard at first but worked out. The greener me went well, sold the car (saved bucks and the environment) and I made some good progress on a number of projects.

So what for this year?

1) No more Mr Nice Guy – I’m taking a much firmer, no-nonsense approach with companies that don’t pay up on time. Training is all paid up front anyway,  as it has been, but no longer am I going to tread gently with organisations that take months paying. My payment terms for project work remain 50% up-front, but I won’t do ANYTHING till that’s paid now (no strategy meets esp.) and 50% on completion –  BUT I’m adding a discount for people that pay within 7 days of the invoice… and using the EU 8%+BR+£30 per overdue invoice.

2) More Mr Nice Guy – I kept this pretty quiet, but I wrote an eBook and a publishing agent has got interested – if I can write a draft of a full book by april, he’ll take it to the London book fair – yikes.

3) More downtime – been working faaaaaar too many hours, saying no to a few things.

4) A charity challenge – any suggestions for this year?

Hey ho… not sure anyone reads here anymore – if you do, say hi.



  1. Mum does (I think) – not quite up to facebook yet, but we’ll get her there slowly!

  2. Got a birthday message via Facebook…

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