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If you’ve been to one of the talks or training sessions I’ve run on LinkedIn you’ll know I rec. getting to at least 100 connections before you’ll see much return from LinkedIn.

I’ve had 2 emails this week, asking for reminders or more ideas on growing your network. So… I present a few ideas for growing your network:

1) Import an address book, all email packages can export their address book in some format – CSV has been most reliable to me so far. See also – LinkedIn help.

2) Look at the people you may know window in the top left of the home screen, click more to see a list of 10 – press F5 to refresh and it will make more suggestions.

3) Set a custom URL for your profile (like Luke Williams) and include it in your email footer and on your website/blog.

4) When you add someone on LinkedIn, have a look at their connections for people you may know as well.

5) (to steal from Rich) “Cross Pollinate” Twitter/update facebook… sky-write a message “I’m growing my network on linkedin, if I don’t have you already please add me LINK”.

6) See that pile of business cards there near your monitor (in your drawer / in a cupboard…)? You only need name and email to add people on LinkedIn – great excuse to say “Hi, how are you? I’m growing my network on LinkedIn and I’d like to invite you to connect with me.”

7) Go to the contacts section on LinkedIn it’ll show people who’ve recently added new connections with an eerie orange grow – go have a look, it might be someone you know too.

If there are any you’d like to add, please do so below in comments

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