the eco march continues

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Hello world! So I update bits of my life in so many places I don’t write here that often, sorry…

My march to more sustainable, responsible living continues:

1) No more carrier bags – win
– used 2 since June, donated the first half of the money to Julia’s House for the parachute jump. Its actually quite hard to break the habit, try it.

2) Sell the car – done
– A few reasons, but mainly –> I don’t need one! I was getting lazy and using it when I didn’t need. So I sold it. Also to encourage me to plan a bit better and use public transport (I get loads done on the train). I’m going to work out how much it cost me to run across the year and compare to a year without.

3) Own an electric car by 2012 – that’s the plan… if someone can make one that does > 100 miles!

4) Do more meetings over the web – I’m trying to cut down some of the meetings I do that I don’t really need to do face-to-face. First proper one this Wednesday.

5) Don’t eat air-freighted food – bye bye sugar snap peas 🙁

6) Your ideas – suggestions please.

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  1. Have a look at the Air Pod, not in this country yet but looks like it could be a winner for you! (Shame about the size)

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