the new flatmate

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the new flatmate

preparations have begun for the new flatmate – custard the cat

the name is partly inspired by Custard from the old kids program Roobarb + Custard (although i never worked out why the red cat was called custard and the yellow dog was roobarb?)


started thinking what changes i need to make to the flat and supplies I need to purchase – any donations or advice welcome – carla’s had cats before so the animal will be fine, its me that needs help


  1. I must add, the kitten is staying with mum till its old enough – i’m not some baby stealing monster!

  2. your video’s not working, some violation thing

  3. it was… new video now 🙂

  4. I heard a good idea with a kitten is to have more than one litter tray around just in case of accidents. You can buy from Lakeland Plastics some cleaning products specially designed to get cat pee smells out of carpets and so on as well. Oh and double sided sticky tape on sofas and table/chair legs stop scratching as they don’t like sticky claws…

  5. Don’t use anything with amonia in to clean up – it makes them wee more where you have cleaned. Get it fixed – there are enough unwanted pets out there already. Make sure you get all the vacinations it needs, even if you aren’t going to be an outdoor cat – because they can get sick from your shoes and stuff. I could go on…. you’ve got my number if you need to know more! Good luck!

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