Religious nutters ok, religious detractors not???

Posted by on February 17, 2009 in general thoughts | 0 comments

“what will you do when you all land in hell FOR EVER where the worm that eats on you NEVER dies”

I can’t believe that the home office is not banning the westboro baptist church from coming to the UK but yet they banned Geert Widlers!

This is anti-secularism. at its worst – its ok to be a bit nuts, if it’s in the name of religion???

How is it acceptable that these insane religious nutters are allowed to protest in the Uk, but having a discussion with a film maker who criticises a religion is banned?

Yes Geert’s film is controversial, its not for the feint hearted either being pretty graphic in places, but he’s hardly a raving nutter – he’s an MP!

England has lost it. I’m making plans to leave the country, I have no intention in living in a religious nanny state any more.


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