bags for boys

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bags for boys

Anyone out there seen a good re-usable bag suitable for us fellas?


We don’t want long handles like this, blokes don’t shoulder their bags!

All the ones I’ve seen that do have shorter handles are more designer ones and very girlie.

Maybe I should make “bags for blokes” 🙂


  1. I like the long handled ones, but probably only cos it makes carrying your sister’s shopping much easier if I can shoulder the bag…

  2. You really need to move past these preordained ideas of what “blokes” do and don’t do. I know you’re more confident in your masculinity than that.

  3. Its a mostly practical thing, I like to carry a bag not shoulder it and most of these straps are simply too long!

    Design wise, yeah I’m not that bothered but some blokes are. Still be good to have more blokey bags to get more blokes using them

  4. So you like a messenger-type bag (across the chest) or one you just carry all the time by short handles? I prefer messenger bags – they don’t slide off your chest.

  5. either, but not ones with long handles! 🙂

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