important mysteries of the universe solved by the echo

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important mysteries of the universe solved by the echo

No really, that hard hitting heavyweight of journalism that is the daily echo has an excellent article today… no not the “outrage” about BB guns being for sale… (god forbid any child who shoots at targets at a young age must turn out to be a master criminal and gangster… like i did)

The mystery of the lost shoe

lost shoe

poor litte shoe, how did it get there, well the echo reaches a shocking conclusion that proves once and for all the existence of extra-terrestrial beings… its proof of alien abduction.


I can’t think of any other reason for mystery shoes, can you??

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  1. I see a lot of these around. And yup it’s onli 1 shoe. And sometimes there barnd new! It’s the shoes what go missing themselves. They get fed up of each other and leave there owners! haha i don’t no reali but its a very strange phenomena. My shoes hav gone missing before, and ive looked all over the place for em and it’s if some1 is teasing me then when i looked again they where on the shoerack where i last left them! Lot’s of peepz also have that situation!

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