branding the recession

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branding the recession

Anyone noticed this graphic?

the downturn graphic

The BBC has branded the recession!

Yes… Gone are the stories of “the global credit crunch” the “worldwide economic crisis” etc… no it’s all now branded “the downturn”.

It even gets a little video intro of its own with a wiggly arrow – wow, see before that I didn’t know what was going on.

I can’t help but feel the BBC and media in general are making this story worse, sure there are a lot of factors and I think we’re overdue a correction, surely branding it should come after the event?

Was the depression called the depression at the time? I don’t remember hearing the dotcom era called the dotcom era, until the bubble burst.

Are the media banging on about it too much, or are the public still in denial? I’m not sure.

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