Why do people believe stupid things?

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Read this list… which ones make you jump off into insanity n go, oh well I believe that… how many of these are so UNBELIEVABLE it makes you bang your head on a desk… where do you draw your lines?

There are actually people who still believe the world is flat

There are quite a large amount of people who believe that fossils are only 100’s of years old

some people believe that there are only 12 personality types, governed by stars quadra-millio-billajon miles away that died millions of years ago, that affect how they behave

quite a number of people are convinced the world is run by a conspiracy of lizards in human form

some people are utterly convinced that aliens shoved probes up there bottoms in some act of “science” and yet some people believe that despite the almost infinite nature of space and its ridiculously large amount of stars and planetary systems, life on any other planet is impossible

today, I’m amused by it all

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