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Sometimes I forget why I’m doing things, I needed to remind myself last night that I have a plan and yes its hard… and far too hectic right now… but it WILL calm down and settle.

I hadn’t allow myself any room to adjust back into “Normal” work… when a tax bill hit (unexpectedly) and I started worrying about my hospital appt tomo (what if i’m unable to do the swim… what if I’ll always have slightly creaky feet n left knee…) it all bought back something I hadn’t felt for a while… stress.

Work is wicked, the jobs better than I imagined, I’ve learnt loads… yeah for a while it was overwhelming picking up and getting to grips with 100+ clients – but I’m making headway now.

Onwards to the weekend, hopefully a chance to upload the pics from turkey..

Turkey rocked.

Boats + cats + kebabs + swimming + cats + kebabs + ancient ruins + cats + 37 deg heat + cats…

SPONSOR ME! The swim is in less than 3 weeks… and i’m achin’ from training this morning.

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  1. Hello!

    Ancient ruins? Did you go to Ephesus? It’s quite impressive isn’t it?

    See ya soon!

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