I kept on truckin.. to success!

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I’ve accepted an offer of a job today, working as an account manager for an internet company based in Poole.

The plans back on track, now I can:

1) Concentrate on making tunes – off to the PointA studios in Bos Vegas after this… I’ve bought the latest issue of computer music.. have a full days studio stuff planned tomo with James Herkes… remixes of “electronic sunshine” should all be done next week for a promo mail out

2) Finish the eBook site v2 – update the eBook (minor edits), make a sales page etc..

3) Buy a car… yep… sadly (ish) I need to get a car, have some funds so that’s ok.

4) Focus on good gigs, playing tunes I love… not for the money – I’m playing for Ministry of Sound presents Euphoria (in room 2) this Saturday at the Mud Club in Bognor Regis! (haha) oh and with Paul Van Dyk @ Slinky on June 6th!!

5) Keep on swimmin’ – sponsor me you fools >>>>>>>>>>

6) Learn spanish (?)

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