keep on truckin!

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keep on truckin!

Gaaaaah I’m feeling like a performing seal.

Someone throw me a fish, please.


I’m determined that I will get a job, its just taking so much more time than I ever imagined.. next week though I have the 3rd interview for a cool job, it’d mean a company car or paid mileage (2 days a week with clients on site)… which is ok I guess, bit of a pain.. I’m told by the agent that I’ll have a 2nd interview with a start up I went to see this week, I think I’d prob prefer that job (just), more scope to get my teeth into.

Instincts are a weird one aren’t they… this one job I went too, I can’t find a logical reason why, but my instincts tell me “No”. Odd.

Swam 72 yesterday, woop, SPONSOR ME >>>>>>

Off to Notts to see Lucy this weekend, so far our plans consist of Yo! Sushi.. a cheesecake shop visit… returning to the all you can eat chinese place (amazing).. hmmm food. 🙂

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  1. love the seal, arf arf

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