wedding waves

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wedding waves

I’m all for people getting married… celebrating their love and bla bla bla… but jeez, is it me or do these things come in waves??

In 2 weeks time, I have 3 weddings in one week… Wed, Fri and Sat!!!

weddings costI think I need to put aside money into a wedding fund, with an overseas wedding (well jersey)… various hotel bills… presents.. travel… its all adding up, when you only have limited income.

In other news, i’m not really a tightwad.

The job hunting is still moving… slowly… got another interview tomo and a third (yes third for 1 job) interview/test day to be confirmed soon.

I had planned to do some work today, having worked a ridiculous amount over the weekend… i’m off to the beach. ciao.

PS bike club later – 645 bomo pier

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