when does a religion need a contract?

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when does a religion need a contract?

When its a business.

A litigious, dangerous and totalitarian one at that.


Scientology suffered another blow today with the publishing of its contract to Wikileaks – I think my favourite part has to be the end…

“I have carefully read this contract and fully understand its contents and consequences. I also understand that I am not eligible for any Scientology religious services unless i sign this contract. I reaffirm that i wish to participate in Scientology religious services and that this choice is an independent exercise of my free will. I fully understand that by signing below, I am forever giving up my right to sue the church, its staff and any of the herein above referenced releases for any injury or damage suffered in any way connected with Scientology religious services.”

Hahaha… imagine this at christian church?? “Sorry you can’t take this communion and praise the lord, until you sign this contract…” 😀 😀

More evidence in my mind that Scientology is evil.

Whilst I can’t directly support Anonymous as the nearest protest is either Plymouth, London or Brighton… I admire their dedication protesting every month against the abuses of Scientology.

This month their focus is on the “disconnection” policy the church has, whereby you are only allowed limited contact with your family, if they dare to speak out against Scientology and are declared an SP (“Suppressive Person”).

In fact, just by writing this blog, I am in danger of becoming an “SP”. Should I die mysteriously, or be accused of any crimes, you know who to blame.

Off for a swim now, to clean off my body thetans.

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