Is anything worth anything anymore?

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This is a post I made earlier on dontstayin, it tailored to clubland, but i think it’s very true for culture generally:

DJs – often reduced to glorified ticket agents…

Web Design – I saw someone offering site builds for £50 and a flash “hot box” for £20!

Dancers – I could have a different troop of “dancing” girls every night if I wanted.. for free.. which is actually tempting…

Photographers – any pro-spotters still able to charge more than a few beers n petrol money?

Producers – there’s so many wannabe producers with a whole cracked studio in abox, you can get them for £75 a track now, no wonder beatport is full of clone-a-tracks in the latest electro-tech-hard-mnml-grime-bassline-bouncecore or whatever this weeks cool genre is.

The sad thing is, I haven’t even had to exaggerate to make my point, you can find all these things on DSI without much effort.

Here is my question…

What is worth anything now?

I’m worried everyone is working shite jobs they don’t really like, sitting on facebook and dreaming of being a Dj/dancer/photog/web-designer/cat tamer/reality tv star/singer* (*delete as applicable) when really its only ever going to be a hobby.

Kinda sad, I feel like everyones deluded… or am I talking shit?


Problem is, the plan was to work and just enjoy DJing (as above – kinda)… make some tunes and work on the ebook site in evenings… job market = shite still :: agency rang me about a job yesterday, put my CV forward, got a call asking when I was free for interview, I gave dates/times… call back 2 hours later, no longer hiring, MD has made 3 people redundant. 2nd time this has happened – kinda.

Gaaaaah stupid illness, messed Plan A up… now Plan B isn’t working… I kind of have a Plan C forming… pppfffft

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