A victory for common sense

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Normally I’m not a big fan of over legislating the world we live in, its nice to have laws that stop us reverting to anarchy but often it goes too far… that said, I was really pleased to read an article on BBC news about legislation aimed at fraudulent mediums, spiritualists and other “psychics”.

Hooray for common sense!

These people are ALL fraudsters, in varying degrees.

Lock ’em all up I say! yes, there’s anecdotal evidence… but test it and every time it fails, if there was a real psychic why has the james Randi one million dollar prize never been claimed?

For nearly 10 years, James Randi has tested “psychics” and not one has even reached the second phase of proof.

Another reason why Derren Brown is my hero, his show messiah (clip below) shows him proving himself as a medium, whilst at the same time stating its made up. Genius.

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  1. sorry Lukey, “these people are ALL fraudsters” is way too blanket unless you can disprove all of them. I would hazard a guess that a large percentage of all psychics in business are frauds, but there are a few well-known folks out there that will ONLY communicate for people free. These people certainly wouldn’t take any test for money, however every week they accurately portray detail (and I mean serious detail and meaningless quotes to you and me) from a person’s relative. Completely different from the Derren’s attempt in the clip. I followed a few of these better-known psychics’ work for a while out of impartial interest, once attending the Spiritualist Church in Notting Hill – seeing him work and the outcome of his accuracy was mindblowing, although the biggest test is actually sitting down one-to-one with one of these people of course.

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