tech failure :-(

Posted by on April 17, 2008 in general thoughts | 0 comments

Ahhh this week aint going well…

2 interviews – 1 for a job in a company that I don’t want to work for (they’re selling a TABLE based CMS!???) and 1 where I’m not technical enough – def. starting to feel un-employable. arse.

Then tried to finish off the tune in the PointA studios last night… except we couldn’t get logic to work, so had a play in fruity on a new track then went to the cellar bar for a guiness.

Today, trying to get my head into what my options are… the internets broke. Called the virgin media service status line “Bournemouth and Poole users may be experiencing…” GGGAAAAAHHHHH

Hooray for my N95, at least I can check my email now and again… interestingly though I’m getting faster download speeds than on my so called 20MB Virgin broadband… hmm… when it is working, i’ll be having words!

Think I might give up n go to Monkey world or something, if you need me today – CALL ME

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