Bike Club 2008

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Bike Club 2008

I’d like to propose the first outing of 2008 for Bike Club!!!

Monday 645pm Bournemouth Pier (usually to the left as you look at it).

Fixed the bike up yesterday (back wheel needed some love, some rim tape and a new inner tube) and took it out for a short trundle to test the knee today.

me n my shadow

bomo beach in April

Didn’t seem too bad, knees felt a bit shaky for a while when I got back, didn’t really put any effort in either.

Lovely day down here, a bit windy n cold but the beach looked lovely. Went to the Durley and back, lower gears than I’d normally use to make it less effort/stress onto the joint.

Verdict:~ Gentle rides to build up the strength, I reckon will be fine.

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