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That’s probably the nearest way to spell how i’d describe the way I’m feeling right now.

Frustrated, confused and annoyed.

The plan was good… I wanted to get a job and focus on playing good gigs. (good gigs sorted at least)

Its just not happening, there’s very few jobs around and those that are about, seem to want an impossibly long list of skills.

I’ve had a few good leads and interviews… that have all come to nothing, literally nothing… only 1 has even had any form of feedback!

Are the agencies giving me the run around? I don’t think so…

was I being arrogant in thinking I would be able to get a job within a month or so?

on some accounts the job market is weird, people looking to recruit and then budgets or pressures change so they don’t for whatever reason…

I dunno, but it leaves the plan a bit chuffed. The spot of goodness in this icky mess is that financially I’m ok for a bit, I have money to survive.

What next?

Get some temp call centre-y type role?
Embark upon some form of crazy scheme?
Launch a coaching business and push the book stuff more?
Take a month out and train up in Flash (or .NET perhaps) ?
Start doing cheesier gigs again to pay the bills?

I really had stuff well planned, then the illness fecked up that plan, I sorted myself out (mostly – still no bike club for me) and got a new plan rolling only to be thwarted again! Grrrr.

Well I guess that life.

Think I’ll take myself to the library tomorrow with a pad of paper and my laptop to bash out another new plan… grrr.

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