Ouch – uuuuh – eeeeeee

Posted by on April 3, 2008 in reiters syndrome | 2 comments

Ouch – uuuuh – eeeeeee

Been to the specialist… it wasn’t fun.

She took a look, ultra-sounded my joints (bit cold)… then the bad news…

I want to drain the fluid from your knee and inject steroids direct into the joint. 🙁


Having drained 45ml of fluid out of my knee… using a giant syringe… she then stuck a steroid needle in too.

Ouch – uuuuuh – eeeeeee 🙁

As if I wasn’t having enough fun, she sent me for a bloodtest too…. yay, I love needles! (ahem – NOT)

Good news is the knee should be noticably better after 48hrs, I’ve got to rest it loads… so no hill walking when I go back to Hereford – ah well, have to settle for the cider museum and some RnR with Mum n Lucy at my beck n call 🙂

Sofa’s calling. Have a good weekend y’all.


  1. Feel better soon buddy.

  2. Hey you! How’s the Ford? Hope the recovery is coming along now…

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