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Went to FunkiSushi last night…

funki sushi

I had high expectations based on the reports from Lucy and her friends who go now and again, for some reason I’ve never properly had Sushi.

It’s not that I think “er yuk, raw fish” or anything odd like that, it’s just that I haven’t. I like food so I was up for giving it a try.

The food was fantastic, we had a platter with an assortment or sushi on it and a couple of other dishes – all Sushi.

Tried everything, even the wasabi (strong peppery mustard, hot but yum) – loved it.

Service – TERRIBLE.

Despite the fact there were 2 chefs and 4 staff working the floor… and there were only 7 tables… it still took nearly an HOUR to get our Sushi. When we queried the location of our food after about 30-40mins, we were told “there’s been a lot of orders for Sushi tonight so you’ll have to wait” – WHAT?

It’s a frickin’ Sushi restaurant, it’s not like we walked into McDonalds and ordered Sushi!!

To the Chef’s credit, it was worth the wait, but if you know its going to take time TELL YOUR CUSTOMERS THAT WHEN THEY ORDER!! Perhaps suggest an interim appetiser or another round of drinks.

Honestly, I felt pretty ignored, it was even hard to get the bill and when we did leave despite walking straight past our waiter he made no effort to say goodbye. Poor show.

Oh and I forgot to add they spilt soy on Lucy too. Amateurs.

Food 8.5/10
Service 2/10

I might send this review to them…

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