day 7

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day 7

written off – gave up – dropped out

Yes, even I feel rubbish sometimes, it all caught up with me yesterday – I felt really out of control with almost everything.

I’m at the mercy of my illness, nothing I do seems to help. Swimming has generally helped me return towards fitness but my feet still hurt like crap just to stand on.

Job hunting, pffft. It’s quite hard to keep applying for stuff, when mostly the same jobs (that require some skills you don’t have) keep coming up and no new ones.

Other stuff was doing my head in, which I won’t put on here.

Scrapped yesterday, today is the new day 7!

In other news…

bike club

Bike Club has reared its head on facebook… and it wasn’t me that started it! Everyone who came last year, apart from one is on there already… plus we seem to of gained some “noobs”! Mondays 645pm Bomo Pier, once weather picks up a bit… and for me… when the doctor gives the ok 🙁 I wanna get on my bike (stamps feet & sulks)


I’m playing at Slinky this Friday in room 2 – Yakuji Love – 1-2am! Wooop! (Ferry Corsten 2-330 in main room)

If you’d like paying guestlist (£10 instead of £15 tickets) email me by 1pm THURSDAY!!!

Did I mention, I’ll be playing my new tune there? 😉

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