Hilary Clinton scares me

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Hilary Clinton scares me

Hilary is the devil

I can’t put my finger on it, but Hilary Clinton scares me!

Maybe its the freaky fake smile she always seems to have…

…perhaps its her insincere laugh…

..or that I (like everyone else I reckon) don’t like negative political campaigning…

…those pants-suits, yikes…

…something about her just screams “I’m an evil politician who’s a puppet for big business”

If you live in the US, please vote Obama.


  1. Ha! I did and I’ve given him more than $750 since the start of the year. Which with the weakness in the dollar means I’ve give him the equivalent of 5 pounds.

  2. Sorry mate….completely disagree. Please, please in all sanity don’t vote Obama. Am not saying Clinton is the answer to everything, but his lack of experience scares the life out of me far more than ‘an insincere laugh’. We’re about to go through one of the blackest economic ages we’ve ever seen & I just don’t think Obama steps up to the mark.

  3. Its much more than an insincere laugh. Watching her on tv, her body language is frightening. She screams that she should not be trusted, so whilst this post was written a bit off the cuff, there’s much more to it than that. You can also see from her contributions that she’d be another puppet for big business to the loss of the masses. America needs to rebalance corporate vs individual – clinton wouldn’t do that.

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