yes i am on facebook

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yes i am on facebook


I still eagerly await the day that OpenID and OpenAuth kick all these proprietary walled garden sites into the dust… I see microsoft and yahoo have now signed up to OpenID. (I’ll be implementing the OpenID wordpress plug in for my galleries soon, btw)

It seemed necessary to sign up, to help promote the book (you’ll see an RSS feed for the book on my facebook page)… and well… if I’m gonna be on there I might as well have a badge on here, saves me using a twitter widget to do a status update type thing.

Ooooh this sites kinda drifted very “web 2.0” recently… not that I’m convinced that there is such a “thing”…

Social Bookmarking buttons… curved borders… social networking integration… xspf playlist MP3 players… status updates… RSS feeds… now all I need is some ajax and a mirrored style logo!

aLUKEonLIFE 2.0 logo

EDIT: haha – made it as a joke… and actually quite like it 🙂 might stick it up the top for a bit!

Anyway, add me as a friend on facebook, go on…. please… I don’t have enough places my information is stored online already… :


  1. How on earth do you get a logo to appear in the toolbar on Internet Explorer??? Serious head scratching going on here…

  2. you need to create a favicon.ico file i use photoshop but there are some online generators i think.

  3. Sort of done it but can’t get it to show. Me being thick here?

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