scientology vs anonymous

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There’s a bit of a war going on in Cyberspace, that’s due to spill over into the real world.

A group called anonymous have decided to target Scientology – here is their declaration of war (for want of a better word)

If you’re at work and you can’t watch it, basically they are best described as a group of hackers; their main gripe is with the scientology organization and not its followers – their control over the media (via lawsuits), their suppression of information and the under reporting of questionable deaths associated with scientology.

they’ve already started by taking down numerous scientology websites, some reports suggest they’ve also been doing stupid things like ordering pizzas and constantly calling freephone numbers (to cost them money) but larger still, they have a series of direct action protests planned.

I admire their chosen cause, if not their methods.

Why should you need to pay to learn more about your chosen religion and to progress through its ranks?

How can a “religion” offer its field service managers commission on new converts, surely that makes it a business?

How can they justify their pursuit of genuine journalists who run stories or investigate them whilst at the same time, fund organisations called things like “Freedom of religion”? (Scientology vs BBC!)

This story has been featured on Wired and Sky News but not the BBC so far, I’m going to predict as it escalates (there are direct protests planned for early Feb) it’ll start to hit the news.

In my honest opinion, scientology is a dangerous money making organisation with questionable aims, motives and should not be recognized in any country as a religion – I intend to support the fight against them via legal means as suggested on, for starters by linking scientology to their page giving them more rank on google.

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