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Well folks, I’m in the 1st draft editing stage of the eBook, soon to be sent to a select few early reviews… aiming for a Feb 14th release…

“You’re really nice, but…” (the nice guys guide to women)

In honour of the impending release upon the world, if you so desire you can track the sites and books progress on it’s own webpage! ooohhh!

For those of you who don’t know much about it, it’s a guide for “nice guys” everywhere… what it means when girls use those horrid 4 words… what to do about it and much more!

Using my experiences watching people meet in clubland and bars (I’ve been working in clubland for over 10 years now!)… the psychology stuff I’ve learnt (not least my Master Practitioner in NLP)… and well… having heard those lines plenty of times – I’ve stuck lots of advice together into this eBook… maybe a full book to follow, lets see how it goes.

Link above or on the right, nowt to see so far… just a temp site.

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