Growing A mo

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Growing A mo

one thing i’ll take with me from Melbourne, is the AWESOME charity idea of Movember – basically to raise awareness of men’s health, loads of guys out here “grow a mo” (Moustache) in November and then meet up for parties to shave them off at the end of the month!


I’m gonna grow a mo next year, in the UK the main charity is a prostate cancer one.

What I loved about it, was the random high fives when Mo Bros greeted each other out and about, and over hearing a guy in a pub explain to his mate, why he was growing a Mo!

We should all do it next year. 100%

—– UPDATE —–

Old Bournemouth Friends Neil + Lucy came over to Andy + Emma’s house for a BBQ tonight… and… Neil is growing a Mo!!!

Check this bad boy out… thats it, I’m soooo doing it next year!!!!!

Neil - Growing a Mo


  1. I will join you sir in growing Mo.

  2. So will I if the boss lets me…


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