obesity is the individuals responsibility

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obesity is the individuals responsibility

How ridiculous is that report out today???

The biggest problem in society in general is that no-one takes responsibility for their own actions… we want someone else to solve global warming, crime, obesity and everything else… TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR OWN DAMN LIVES.

fatty bum bum

To actually publish a report saying its NOT the individuals fault is down right irresponsible, yes, the government could do more to encourage healthy living but ultimatley, fatty, its up to you. Eat less pies, do more exercise. Wow, thats hard.

Now I present to you…
Luke’s 10+1 easy tips for being a better more responsible citizen:

1) Replace light bulbs with energy efficient ones when they die and when you need to change a light fitting, make sure it’ll take energy efficient bulbs.

2) Take the bus or train once in a while, make use of your journey time by reading or working – time efficient too.

3) Walk. I’m amazed how many people don’t seem to walk, anywhere anymore.

4) Buy juice/milk and other liquids in recyclable containers, not those horrible evil tetrapak things. (Glass/Plastic)

5) Take unwanted clothes to a charity shop, or place them into the clothes bank things at your local recycling center.

6) Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. “I don’t like fruit or veg” what… any? you mean out of the 1000’s of types of fruit and veg, there is actually nothing you’ll eat?? shut up and get over it.

7) Exercise. Like the walking thing, i’m amazed some people NEVER exercise! How do you expect to stay healthy? Go for a swim, walk along the beach, dance all night like a mad thing (without drinking loads though!)

8) Stop eating when you feel full, not when the plates empty. The stomach shrinks and grows depending on how much you feed it, so quit making it bigger!

9) Drink plenty of water. 1 can of fizzy drink has 1/3rd of your rec. daily intake of sugar. How often do you drink more than one can a day?? Scary. (Don’t drink the “diet” ones either – phenylalanine = very bad)

10) Do something for charity once in a while. Help raise money to cure cancer or save the whales… something for the greater good.

11) Make junk and convenience food a luxury, not a regular meal.

Apologies for the preaching, just got wound up and it kinda came out!


  1. I love drinking water! Am slowly weening myself off of the horrors of red bull. Not had the ‘full sugar’ one for ages, and have severely cut down on the sugar free version too.

    My only issue is that the tap water round here tastes somewhat like elephant penile residue, so I usually have to stock up on bottled water from the cash & carry. Ah well!

  2. yeah same here, water “daaaan saaarth” is way more yuk than up in Hereford. Maybe I’ll just bottle loads at my mums house next time I’m there.

  3. Sounds like a very good plan my friend! You could probably make a mint in town selling your “special Hereford” water!

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