damn birthdays

Posted by on September 4, 2007 in general thoughts | 0 comments

always make you think about things….

* what you did in the last year: not as much as I should of, just about all I got to show for the last year is a few more letters after my name and a pier to pier swim.

* holidays/adventures coming up: Australia! woooooo… need to fit in a visit to NY as well before August

* what you want to do in the next year: erm, I’m not so sure anymore what I want to do next… I have a few vague things but its not all clicking into place. I’m lucky that I can afford to drift for a bit till oz.

* changes ahead: people moving, settling down.. popping sprogs out… moving house..

Maybe its time to break out of this cycle… I’m feeling like a stuck record. If you do the same things over n over, you’ll get the same result… perhaps a more drastic gamble in a “risk it all on one turn of pitch-n-toss” kipling kinda way?


I’m fortunate that I’ll soon have some money, I had planned to buy a 2nd flat but I don’t think it’d be wise at this stage with property and stock markets on the wobble…. maybe taking a year out to finish one of the books I started… or doing some course and getting back into geekdom for a bit… or training to be a teacher…

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