real life, second life… get a life?

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Real Life – erm… I’ll not lie to you, the timetable was a complete failure. On the first full day I had planned, 2 major unexpected changes had to be made at last minute and it all went to pot. Back to the drawing board, I must improve my time management and scheduling of long term vs short term things… but first attempt failed horribly. Onwards n upwards!

Second Life – I’d been meaning to check this out for a while, having read loads about it. It’s basically an online virtual world, kinda uber-geeky computer game? Well in the last 24hrs there were $1,118,072 worth of transactions and as of writing there are over 42,000 people logged on around the world right now.

Reuters has a newsdesk and correspondent based here, U2, radio1 and Suzanne Vega have all done concerts in Second Life… numerous universities have set up actual modules, modelled in SL… bit more than a game perhaps?

I found it hard to use at first but now I’ve spent a bit longer on it, I’m managing to get around a bit better. It’s worth checking out, but be prepared to take some time to learn what you can do (pretty much anything). So far I’ve swam with a whale, surfed in sim-hawaii, Driven a virtual segway, ran over a rat and erm… well… got stuck in an odd looking pose.

Verdict so far… hard to get your head round, interesting.

Get a life – former Glenalmond College students being made to remove a chav hunting video they made from youtube… yes i’m sure it’s not the image this prestigious school wanted but it’s actually quite funny and is it really that offensive? Well… thanks to the interweb (and a flatmate trying to find the “Queens speech – with moustache” – dont ask)… here it is from bebo:

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