terrorist demands from monty python??

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I couldn’t help but think about one of the best films ever yesterday, the life of brian.

If the western way of life is now under attack (ie womens night @ tiger tiger), which values are opposed…

“we’ll sneak into pilots chamber, kidnap his wife and forthwith issue our demands!”

“umm… what are our demands reg?”

“well… errr…. we demand that they dismantle the entire roman empire immediately, those bastards bled us dry, I mean what have the romans ever given us?!”

“…um… irrigation?”

“ok apart from irrigation…”

“oh and the roads reg”

“ok apart from the irrigation, roads..”



“ok, ok apart from irrigation, the roads, wine, sanitation, law n order, what have the romans ever done for us?!”

“law n order? I mean lets face it, who could keep order in a place like this??”

“oh piss off!”

At least with the IRA we knew what they wanted when they tried to blow us up. Its simply not accurate, and frankly naive, to assume Al Quaeda just want a withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan.

So how does this all end?

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  1. The scary thing is that I dare say the most of them don’t know what they want either! We’ve even had stop and search of all vehicles entering work today, and this is a construction office rather than anything majorly significant…

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