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Oh dear.

I’m going to sound like a snob now… but for the love of FSM can someone please tell lynch mobs how to spell!!!

On BBC news earlier I saw “Paedophils Out” and “Parents against Pedofiles” on banners… clearly made by intelligent individuals aware of all the facts and not just stirred up by the media… PLEASE, if you’re going to campaign about something, at least learn how its spelt: Paedophile (or american Pedophile)

Do you think any of them realise that just 10% of these incidents are by strangers?

Why don’t the media or presure groups talk more about the other 90%? Simple, its not a good story, its not as emotive… I forget which US president said this (JFK?) “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself” I’m sick of us turning the world upside down over irrational fears.

Words of wisdom from Boris Johnson MP (who I don’t often agree with) who I think hit the nail on the head the other day:

“To all those who worry about the paedophile plague ….they fail to understand the terrible damage that is done by this system of presuming guilt in the entire male population just because of the tendencies of a tiny minority

… the problem is the general collapse of trust. Almost every human relationship that was sensibly regulated by trust is now governed by law, with cripplingly expensive consequences”

Fear has taken over, logic has lost… how do we ever get back from here when todays children are being protected more than ever, against a smaller risk? It’s a paranoia circle of hype and irrational reaction thats just going to get worse 🙁


  1. I really don’t think that a person’s ability to spell correctly should be a pre-requisite of them having the right to make a point.

    If that was the case 99.9% of the blogs on the Internet should be taken down.

  2. Thats not what I meant, I was making an association between their inability to spell and the likelyhood that they were ill educated about the actual risks or the percentage of these incidents that were actually commited by strangers. Plus the general level of irrational fear prevalent today by the stupid majority. I’ll concede it could of been better written (ironicaly) but I stand by my assumption.

  3. I quote you: “If you’re going to campaign about something, at least learn how its spelt: Paedophile”.

    So there you go!

    Anyways, putting that aside, yes you’re correct that the majority of child abuse is committed by friends/relations etc, but that’s not something you can campaign against is it…?

    You cannot really take measures to stop trusted individuals committing these acts. It’s nigh on impossible unless you imprison your child 24/7 in a cell.

    So with that in mind, the dangers of stranger abuse are far more easy to campaign and take preventative action against.

  4. quoting often loses context, I still think this is more about an irrational knee jerk media spun paranoia than a real issue. Excessive paranoia is ruining the mental health of developing children by not allowing them space to develop, the balance of fear vs development has gone wrong.

  5. I had loads of freedom when I was a kid. I don’t offer that same freedom to my ten-year old stepson and I’m not alone in doing that…

  6. I fully undestand why, yet the danger is less than when we were a kid. “the only thing we have to fear, is fear itself”

  7. Agree with you, but it’s human instinct not to be wary. The wife’s even worse… I always having to persuade to let go a little.

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