mysteries of the universe – solved!

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mysteries of the universe – solved!

Being that the mayday bank holiday is almost upon us, I thought I’d solve a couple of mysteries of the universe…

#1 The lyrics to ‘The Tamperer featuring Maya’s, “Feel It”‘

Now I know there’s a couple of people (*cough* emily *cough*) who’ve always wondered what the flinkin blip this song was on about…

“what’s she gonna look like with a chimney on her…” ???

Is it a case of mis-hearing the lyrics? No.

Well what the hell does it mean then??

I have the answer… a chimney is (apparently) slang for black eye. So, what will she look like with a black eye? Classy song eh?

and… as a special Brucie bonus…

#2 The weird little symbol thats sometimes on things
period-after-opening symbol

It’s the “period after opening” symbol… so if it’s on your toothpaste, it means (in this example) use within 12 months… wow! I didn’t know that, I thought it was some secret magic symbol that meant… um… I dunno…


Onwards to the weekend! Show then Fierce Angel @ Censo tonight… Slinky 10th Birthday and last ever gig in Bournemouth tomo, playing Toko Sat & Sun

quiet weekend in then? 😀 Have fun and don’t forget to wear your woolen jumpers.

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  1. D’oh I could have told you about the weird 12M symbol – they told us what it was when I was workin in Debs as a makeup counter girly.

    But it is weird looking. What else should be branded with this symbol I wonder?


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