un-alcoholics un-anonymous

Posted by on March 12, 2007 in general thoughts | 0 comments

The big P’s almost half way through 80 days without beer… Mr P n Msss A (different P) haven’t touched a drop for ages… I’ve been toying with doing it too…

…joining un-alcoholics un-anonymous… ie giving up alcohol… dum dum DUUUUHHH!!!

Although I don’t really have a specific reason… and I do like the odd uncle jack… recently I’ve felt like maybe I don’t want to drink.

It’s hard drinking in moderation when you work in clubland, drinks tend to just arrive, often in generous quantities! Plus of course being the minor celeb I am, one gets offered free champagne and shooters everywhere…

I’m quite pleased that I’ve stuck to my no-drinking on school nights plan (sun-thurs)… although quite if that will remain over Easter (DJing Thu, Fri, sat AND sun!) is another matter!


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