help me solve one of life’s great mysteries

Posted by on March 2, 2007 in general thoughts | 6 comments

a friday riddle for you…

woman – man
misses – mister
miss – master
lady – lord
baroness – baron
mistress – _______ ??

Any ideas?

My best one so far is – mastress!



  1. Trouble!! 😉

  2. Ahh so it’s getting late on a Sunday night and I found this site which may be of no use whatsoever to you…

    Good job I did the search at home and not at work else I would be getting screamed at for looking at dodgy stuff!

  3. Should it not me Mister?
    Following the pattern of ‘ess’ being feminine, Mayor – Mayoress.

    Mister > Misteress > Mistress

    English has never been my strong point.

  4. looks like “consort” is the correct answer. Five points and a scone to James… which reminds me, Mr P I owe you a prize for last years points

  5. Ah yes the prize ! I had forgotten about that…

  6. well i’m only thinking of my safety

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