brits abroad

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brits abroad

My travelling companion Kelly – exhibit A


Has a fasicination with Brits abroad, I’ll be honest, it amuses me as well. Whilst sitting poolside enjoying the sun, kelly observed that by a mile (and I mean a big fat mile) we were the thinnest Brits we’d seen over here.

Kelly asked me how anyone could get this big… and then, as if by magic the answer…

The partner of exhibit B…


…was headed to the poolside bar… and uttered a sentence that both answered the question and made us both cry with laughter..

“How many cheese burgers did you want love?”


So many questions lead from hearing that… how many is her usual? 2… 3? What about when she is hungry??

I have to add that Kelly took the photo above, I refused as it’d be kinda pervvy if a bloke took photos of “that” but it’s ok for Kelly as a) she’s a girl and b) she’s an artist!

We both reached the conclusion that fat is now normal and so obese is fat, therefore we must now be underweight to the “average person”.

How did this happen? Why do people just let themselves go this far?

And yes it is my business, its my tax thats going to pay when her hip breaks, she needs liposuction and her diabetes kicks in.

Come on UK, sort it out!

In my defence, before anyone says “you’re lucky” and “I bet you can eat anything” – crap.

I’m carefull what I eat, i live an active life and I exercise… it’s not fecking rocket science, all it takes is a bit of discipline and thats it isn’t it… we’ve lost will power and discipline. Somewhere in amongst the happy meals and the giant pizzas we lost our self control.

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  1. Luke’s holiday Romance appears….. butter her up (excuse the pun) with a meal (or two) or chips, burgers, gravy followed by a side of chips, burgers and gravy…. expensive date luke …

    good on you fella… support the “fatties for love” campaign…

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