Happy Groundhog Day

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Happy Groundhog Day

Happy Groundhog Day!!

Every year, I raise a toast to Punxsutawney Phil, the weather predicting groundhog – to me it acts as an annual reminder to not get stuck in a rut (as per the film of the same name).

No idea what I’m on about?

Punxsutawney Phil Groundhog Day

“On February 2, Phil comes out of his burrow on Gobbler’s Knob – in front of thousands of followers from all over the world – to predict the weather for the rest of winter.

According to legend, if Punxsutawney Phil sees his shadow, there will be six more weeks of winter weather. If he does not see his shadow, there will be an early spring.”
(From http://www.groundhog.org/)

See also the film of the same name staring Bill Murray, a bit corny but the tune is sooo catchy… a fa fa fafaa fa fa fa fafa… boom boom boomboom… a fa fa fafaa fa fa fa fafa…

Take 2 minutes out today and think “Am I living in a groundhog day?” Hmmm… the timing of this seems a bit spooky considering decisions I have to make.

…just noticed, this is post number 500! Woooooo! thats it, I’m celebrating tonight… 500 posts AND Groundhog Day… bye bye liver!


“Phil Says Spring is Right Around the Corner!
Phil’s official forecast as read 2/2/07 at 7:28 a.m. at Gobbler’s Knob:

El Nino has caused high winds, heavy snow, ice and freezing temperatures in the west.
Here in the East with much mild winter weather we have been blessed.

Global warming has caused a great debate.
This mild winter makes it seem just great.

On this Groundhog Day we think of one thing.
Will we have winter or will we have spring?

On Gobbler’s Knob I see no shadow today.
I predict that early spring is on the way.”

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  1. Happy Ground Hog Day mate! Did he see his shadow? Em x


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