Hengistbury Head to Sandbanks

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Hengistbury Head to Sandbanks

wow… I just went for a breathtaking ride along the beach…

Brownsea Island

I rode from my flat to the pier, then to the eastern end of the beach at hengistbury head…

Hengistbury Head (this photo is from hengistbury head facing west towards sandbanks)

then back via the pier along the beach to Sandbanks at the far western end of the beach…

Sandbanks (this photo was taken at sandbanks facing east towards Hengistbury Head (headland in distance)

Then across to the other side of sandbanks for a stunning view across Poole Harbour to Brownsea Island

Brownsea Island and Poole Harbour (wow… image that as a view from your flat… now I see why the flats round here cost so much!)

Then back to Bournemouth Pier and home..

Bournemouth Pier (Bournemouth Pier view across to the purbecks and old harry’s rocks)

Time taken – 1hr5mins… WINNER! The fitness regime’s definately starting to kick in… that Pier to Pier swim next year isn’t looking so impossible now…

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