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Posted by on May 16, 2006 in general thoughts | 1 comment

Damn, I think I’m an internet snob… I talked about this before (internet class war?) but I realised today that I am guilty of forgetting that some people don’t use the internet.

I was discussing a gig with a promoter and he said “are people talking about it?” I said (without thinking) everyone online knows about it and they’ll spread the word…

wow, was I saying I could only be bothered to tell people via the net!? Certainly I know in the past, I tend to forget some people don’t read here, or use myspace.. or DSI… or any of the other places I post details of gigs… it’s just I’m busy and it takes soooo much more effort to ring/txt everyone that sometimes I forget.

That got me thinking… why would you not use the internet?? Jeebus, is that what I’ve become? A persona living online and not in the real world??? Partly, yes! Wow, how did that happen?

The internet is becoming more and more a fact of life, to not be online is just stupid… there, I said it… or is it? Am I stupid because I spend time almost everyday online?

Hmmm… no, i think i have real life and online time in quite a good balance… it’s not like I use it to play games all evening, never meet my friends and only maintain virtual or online relationships.

I need a lie down now, I’d love to know your thoughts on it all… or am I just rambling?

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  1. I have that kind of mindset as well now. Perhaps we have beaten it into our minds without even knowing.

    One day we will all be online with little chips in our heads.


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