Rachel Myers?

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Today is an appeal for information, on the whereabouts of Rachel Myers!

Allow me to explain… I met up with an old friend Sarah (aka “Tiger”) last night, and as is always the case when you meet up with someone you’ve not seen for ages: talk of old times and lost friends always comes around. All of our old friends, I’m still in touch with in some way… be it seeing around, or email/msn… except one.

We have talked before about finding our mutual friend, as she is the reason we met years ago… I had a spare room in my house, she knew a friend who needed a place to stay – ta da.

So, what do we know:

Name: Rachel Myers

Lives: Still in the Bournemouth area (possibly Ringwood?), a chance encounter meant that Sarah missed her by minutes at the Landmark opening a couple of weeks ago.

Grew up: She grew up in the fantastically British sounding “Six penny hanley” near Ringwood.

Family: She has a little girl who must be about 8 now (maybe 9… or 7!)

Interests: I knew Rachel as a Madisons regular in about ’94, she used to be a regular at “the venue” as well.

Appearance: Above average height, used to have long blonde hair and quite attractive (did a bit of modelling)

There will be prizes for anyone that can help.

What to do from here? Hmmm….
(Sarah, if you can think of any info I’ve missed, please remind me!)


  1. According to Google there’s a Rachel Myers working as Customer Service Bureau Maager for Bournemouth & West Hants Water…

  2. Oooh have remembered other stuff as well… She used to live with a guy called Mark in Westbourne but I think they moved back out to Blandford way in about 1998. Her Mum used to live in Westbourne also and her Dad lived in Six Penny Hanley, but worked in Salisbury as a Manager quite high up at Tesco’s I think. She used to go to Bournemouth College at the Lansdowne Campus and she was doing some sort of course in Business Studies – this was in 1997. Can’t remember her exact age but she must be about 27 now. Will keep thinking…

  3. If she was a Madison’s regular then Carrie will know her.. I wil ask!

  4. I know exactly who you are talking about. I’m engaged to her sister Vicky . Dad Peter is still in blandford. I’m not sure how this works but if you leave me some details I’ll get them to Rachel

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