Fast Food Nation!

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Fast Food Nation!

As part of my general march towards sorting my life out my current reading list is focussed on things I want to learn more about, or areas I need to improve in:

Alvin Hall “you and your money” – being honest… I’m not great with money, partly because I’m not motivated by money! Anyway.. A great book from that genius who has a show on BBC2

Peter Collett “The book of tells” – semi-advanced reading on body language, focussed on the more subtle “tells” that people give off. I WILL become the next Derren Brown mind reader! (hahaha)

Eric Schlosser “Fast Food Nation” – quite obvious what this one is about, for me, I’m hoping I can kill once and for all my junk food cravings (as rare as they are now, I still succomb once a week or so) and seeing a pic like this one below… reminds me why I want to eat healthily!


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