herbal highs – pt3!!

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I’m getting worried that people are boshing these herbals by the handfull… I’ve heard reports of people taking 3 at a time and 12+ in one session!

Seriously, I would not advise taking any more than 6 in a 24hr period. (you will be sick, you won’t sleep and you could be at risk of seizure)

The few bits of information on herbal highs that I found out didn’t concern me too much, but the amount people are taking now, blindly assuming it is safe… worries me…

1) They’re NOT herbal. They are a synthesized form of a chemical found in the root of a plant… anyway, being “herbal” doesn’t make them safe per se!

2) ANY chemical/herb in large quantities is dangerous to the liver, try taking 12 asprin and seeing how you get on!

3) We don’t know as much about the effects of these pills, although studies in NZ seem to indicate they are not inherently dangerous.


  1. Ha ha. Quit with the herbal highs already!! You legal junky!

  2. Hi, my name is Paul, as graphic designer, wholesale distributor and retailer of Head Fuel piperazine based products range like, Lime Fantazia, Yellow Veg-E’s, Orange Xtra, Red Rockets and Purple Ohms I work closely with the manufacturers of these legal / herbal highs. It does concern me there are people who will choose to ignore the carefully written recommendations on dosage that is printed on every packet and it is good to see that these matters are being written about. I do not condone the consumption of excessive quantities of these products in any way shape or form.

    These products are designed to reduce the risk of ingestion of illegal substances ?a drugs harm minimisation solution? a safe and effective alternative to more dangerous and harmful substances. These products have a new and innovative approach in helping reduce drugs harm and give the responsible discerning adult an exciting new social tonic alternative, possibly helping reduce alcohol abuse as well.

    The things that concern me within the industry is that there is no current legislation in place governing the sales of bzp based products. After doing some extensive research within the New Zealand market I have come to the conclusion that it would be a good and beneficial idea for all involved in industry to adhere to an advisory legislation, a code of practice which I currently have plans on developing. I would greatly appreciate your feedback to aid the formation of this advisory legislation which would help promote a safe and responsible attitude within the industry for something that is beneficial for society. Please let me know your points of view in relation to forming such advisory legislation it would be much appreciated. Currently the manufacturers that I know of within the industry have adopted a responsible attitude by placing over 18 only on their packaging; let’s make the world a safer place, best regards Paul G.


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